The Bytown Smugglers


The Ottawa/Gatineau X-Wing community has started right at the Game Release in 2012. The community grew with events like the Kessel Run, the very first regionals in 2013 and 2014, and Assault at Imdaar Alpha. The local community has since grown into multiple groups of players who play at different stores across the capital region.

However, we still have to build our own regional identity.

We strongly believe that the Prototype Toronto League did a lot to bring the Toronto players together in something recognizable to the larger scene. It is high time for us to forge our own identity and to create our own league.

Finding a name was not easy. Local players suggested many different names in our Facebook group. The name needed to could reflect our region, a National Capital Region that is actually twin city spanning two provinces.

Being in Canada, snow was an obvious theme, but the same could be said of all other Canadian cities, so we nixed that. We wanted our own identity, avoiding any existing known Star Wars names seemed necessary too.

Google quickly pointed out a long history of smuggling between the two cities. During the prohibition of 1916, smuggling alcohol from Hull to Ottawa was good business. Times haven’t changed that much, just come over to Costco in Gatineau and you’ll see a whole contingent of Ontario residents loading up carts with beer that will cost them about half of what they pay on their side of the river. Forever smugglers then!

Bytown is the former name of Ottawa. In French, By (pronounced Bi) implies duality.

A duality of provinces, towns, and language steeped in a smuggling culture, Bytown Smugglers was the obvious choice!

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  1. Claude Cholette says:

    C’est Ici que Je soumet mon inscription à la ligue?

    1. T’as juste à te joindre au groupe Facebook et à soumettre les résultats de tes match tel qu’indiqué dans les règlements. Rien de super formel!

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