Season 1 of the Bytown Smugglers League!

The first season of the Bytown Smugglers League has been launched as of September 22 2016!

The Rules

Though inspired by the PTL, the rules are not exactly the same.

Bytown Smugglers League Facebook Group


  1. The league season is comprised of up to 8 matches to be played over 8 weeks. A minimum of 4 matches played is required to qualify for participation prizes.
  2. Each player can only play another player for league points once in the season.
  3. Exact lists and results must be reported by Monday afternoon to count for the previous week
  4. A TO or other sufficiently impartial player must be there for adjudications. If there is an unresolved dispute concerning an issue and there was no TO or impartial witness to decide it, then the match does not count for league points.
  5. All League games must be played at a Sponsor location (See list below). We recommend availing yourself of their X-wing nights to play your games
  6. Matches follow standard FFG dogfight tournament rules and last 75 minutes.
  7. Forfeit:
    1. If you don’t turn up at the time and place pre-arranged with your opponent, without reasonable notice for postponement, you forfeit all points. Your opponent gets full points.
    2. If you play an illegal list, per the rules of this tournament and FFG rules, you forfeit. Your opponent gets full points.

List Building

  1. Any given pilot can only be used in a single list across the season. This include generics. Get your creative juices flowing, there’s enough options out there to build 8 good lists.
  2. The league expects its players not to engage in ‘list switching’ to win games. It up to players to prevent this, but some recommended practices are:
    1. Players should plan to match against an opponent’s list that could contain anything
    2. Players should not reveal their lists until they are ready to play and reveal them more or less simultaneously.
    3. There should be no alterations to prepared lists after they are revealed.

Top 8

The top 8 highest-ranked players will play off in an elimination mini-tourney to determine the final top rankings.

Reporting matches

Post exact lists and results on the FB page.


1. Playing a league match earns 2 pts.
2. a win earns 2 pts.
3. Points-killed is recorded and used to settle ties, with # matches won as a second tie-breaker.

Match etiquette

Behave well or we will surrender you to Jabba’s Rancor

Our Sponsors

Boutique FDB
2nd Floor, 114 Boulevard Saint-Raymond, Gatineau, Québec J8Y 1S9
The Kessel Run Cards, Comics and Games
2803 St Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1C 1G6
140 Boulevard Gréber, Gatineau, QC J8T 6H5
Kobold’s Corner
430 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 1T9
Wizard’s Tower
3350 Fallowfield Rd, Ottawa, ON K2J 5L1
L’As Des Jeux
325 boulevard Greber, Gatineau, QC J8T 8J3


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