Season 1 Recap: Top ships over the season

The season is over and the playoff is underway. Now’s the time to reflect on how just how warped this meta we’ve created may have been.

Top 10 ships overall

You can actually see when people started running thugs with Asajj, or where Rey became available in this graph. You also see the very stable presence of Jumpmasters, Lambdas, Z-95s, and aggressors. You can also see where Gianni went wild with TIE Advanced 😉


Imperial ships

Defenders everywhere! The Punisher love died early, very early, in the season.


Rebel ships

Biggs wins the day. No wait, that should read “X-wings win the day.” It is a more diverse pack than the imperial one, and you can even see when HotR landed in the spike of T-70 and YT-1300s.



Scum ships

Thugs, Dengar and Manaroo as far as the eye can see. Honourable mention goes to the humble filler Z-95 too. I’m glad to say I’ve flown the bottom 4 at least once this season. I’ve even flown Palob with his pal Torkil!

The protectorate is far less represented than I would have expected, and the Firesprays much more. I can’t disagree with the second part, that is one sexy ship!


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