Gianni takes it all! And more loot!

Top 8

Dany Laberge (1) vs Nassim Ketita (8)
Jason O’Gorman (2) vs Gianni Rossi (7)
Grant Wilson (3) vs Thomas Godfrey (6)
Guillaume Leclerc (4) vs Michael Armstrong (5)

In a stunning upset, all top seeded players were booted out in the top round!

Nassim’s Dengaroo took out Dany’s Dengar and 2 Tansarii Point vets

Gianni’s Ryad, Maarek and Vessery beat Jason’s Miranda, 2x Gold and Bandit

Thomas’ IG-88B and Kath eliminated Grant’s Poe9, Snap and Gold squadron

Michael’s  Jake, Ezra and Lothal wiped out Guillaume’s Kath and Boba (scum)

Top 4

Nassim’s Dengaroo took out Michael’s Jake, Ezra and Lothal

Gianni’s Ryad, Maarek and Vessery edged out Thomas’ IG-88B and Kath


The 7th and 8th seed fought it out, with Gianni’s Ryad, Maarek and Vessery managing to finish Nassim’s Dengaroo’s reign of terror!

Congrats Gianni!

More loot

Following a Patreon snafu, I received two copies of Gold Squadron‘s amazing Asajj, so one of them goes into the random drawing pile for players who finished out 4 games or more!

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