Season 2: League evolution!

The first season of the League saw 31 players take part in the fun, with Gianni ultimately taking it all!

It went so well that we’re launching the second season now, with new twists.

The Rules

Though inspired by the PTL, the rules are not exactly the same.

Bytown Smugglers League Facebook Group


  1. The league season is comprised of up to 8 matches to be played over 12 weeks. A minimum of 4 matches played is required to qualify for participation prizes.
  2. New this Season : Epic games! You can choose to either play regular 100pts dogfight or 300pts Epic. However, epic is restricted to 2 epic pts minium and 5 pts maximum.
  3. Each player can only play another player for league points once in the season.
  4. Lists and results must be reported on the League Facebook Group.
  5. All League games must be played at a Sponsor location (See list below). We recommend availing yourself of their X-wing nights to play your games.
  6. Matches follow standard FFG tournament rules .
  7. Forfeit:
    1. If you don’t turn up at the time and place pre-arranged with your opponent, without reasonable notice for postponement, you forfeit all points. Your opponent gets full points.
    2. If you play an illegal list, per the rules of this tournament and FFG rules, you forfeit. Your opponent gets full points.

List Building

  1. Any given pilot can only be used in a single list across the season. However, Generics can be used in up to 3 lists.
  2. Huge ships can be used in as many epic lists as you want.
  3. 2 epic points minimum for epic lists.

Top 8

There will be a tournament organized to close out the League. The top 8 highest-ranked players during the season will get a first round bye to this tournament.

Reporting matches

Post exact lists and results on the FB page.


1. Playing a league match earns 2 pts.
2. a win earns 2 pts.
3. Points-killed is recorded and used to settle ties, with # matches won as a second tie-breaker.

Match etiquette

Behave well or we will surrender you to Jabba’s Rancor.

Our Sponsors

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The Kessel Run Cards, Comics and Games
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