Week 1: Welcome to Season 2

The first week of season 2 has come and gone. Turnout has been lower than last season, but this could just be because players have figured out that there’s no need to front-load their games.

Player rankings

This week

11 players nonetheless showed up to play 5 games this week.

Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played
1 Noah Porter 6 100 2
2 Jean-Marc Cousineau 4 102 2
3 Dany Laberge 4 100 1
4 Liam Carabine 4 100 1
5 Michael Armstrong 4 100 1
6 Aram R. Lotfi 4 100 1
7 James R Cano 2 50 1
8 Leopold Stotch 2 21 1


The meta says the empire is dead? Well, screw the meta, we’re the Bytown Smugglers and we do our own thing!

For those new to these recaps, the outer-ring represents the overall presence of a faction, while the inner-ring greys out shameful losses, so you get to see how many games actually mattered (read: were won) by a faction.


This week

Note that the colors are flipped from last season, the good ships are now brightly burning their wins in orange!

TIE fighters swarmed this first week and were victorious!


This week

So many names you don’t see that often in there. I mean, where else could you find Biggs and Miranda not at the top of the list?

You’ll have to excuse the brevity of the recap this week, I’ve been trying to automate the stats engine, and that strangely takes a whole lot of time. The goal this season is to look into popular upgrades and loadouts, if I manage to extract that data cleanly (and easily) enough.

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