Season 2 Tournament Format

The time you’ve been waiting for all year has arrived. Or, at the very least, information that will help you prepare for that very special time. The tournament that will mark the end of season 2, and possibly see Gianni’s crown passed over to someone else, will take a different format than last year’s.

Last season, we asked that everyone create a 9th list to play. It worked, but it didn’t push meta exploration far enough, so we’re straight up banning ships this time around!

Banned ships

Yes, you read that right, some ships were so popular during the season that we’ve decided that none of them will be allowed to show up to our tournament. The fairest way to do this was to ban the top 3 for each faction, based on the number of them that were flown. Without further ado, here they are, with the total number flown and their win-loss ratio:


  1. Z-95 (16, 7-9)
  2. Aggressors (14, 8-6)
  3. Jumpmaster (13, 11-2), Protectorates (13, 10-3)


  1. T-70 (24, 7-17)
  2. A-wing (17, 10-7)
  3. X-wing (16, 7-9)


  1. TIE Fighter (65, 23-42)
  2. TIE Defender (25, 17-8)
  3. TIE Bomber (21, 11-10)

First, yes, we are fully aware that we’re going to have a X-wing tournament where all flavours of X-wings and the classic TIE fighter are banned. Blame Biggs, TIE swarms, and overly enthusiastic T-70 pilots 😉 Benjamin also managed to get the TIE Bomber to be so popular as to be banned.

Must Fly ships

But wait, there’s more! Some ships were so underloved that you are required to fly one of them in your list, those poor abandoned wretches.


  1. HWK-290 (2, 1-1)
  2. Starviper (4, 2-2)


  1. Attack shuttle (2, 2-0)
  2. E-wing (3, 0-3)


  1. Firespray (2, 0-2)
  2. TIE Advanced (6, 0-6), Lambda (6, 1-5), Decimator (6, 4-2)

The format

Classic 100pt dogfight, as per the FFG rules, with these twists:

  • No banned ship can be flown, period.
  • Your list must include a Must Fly ship (of the correct faction, obviously).
  • You can fly any pilot you want, even if you’ve used that pilot during the season.

More details will follow as to when and where this event will take place!




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