Survey Results Part 1 – A first glimpse at bar charts

We asked for your input to improve our X-wing events and 38 of you responded with not a care about the PLR Kylo Ren alt art you could win. Thank you for doing so!

Kitchen table players

We know from FFG’s communications that most players never actually make it to an organized play event, so we tried to reach out to you folks. 6 of you took the time to respond, thank you!

This speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Attending an event

First off, we need to figure out how X-wing addicted you all are.

Not bad, nearly a quarter of us can’t get enough of it and can afford ($ and time) to make it out weekly.

Why are you even here?

We asked why you attend event, what you expect out of them, and how you pick which event to attend.

I’m not shocked that prepping is not a big thing here, the rest is pretty much at the same level except for playing X-wing. Who’d have thought that was a priority?

At a high level, the format of the event and the store holding it are the most important factors, lets dig deeper into that store criterion:

The location is important, so are the people and facilities. Food is not a key. But worst of all is that us TOs don’t matter one bit to you people! I am shocked!

Do you even eat?

On this, the majority was clear. Some noted a short one or a coordinated food order would work as well.

Kit tournaments

We have so many stores around here, we tried to gauge how often you’d actually come out to play.

Large events

We’ve only had 1 regional so far, but there could be more if there’s an interest for it, so we asked you about your preference on those too.


Finally, prizing is often a contentious issue, so we asked you for your feelings on the types of prizes and how they’re handed out.

The message here is clear, we’re fine with the winner taking the lion’s share, but not with the lion’s share being randomly drawn among a few players.

You like official swag and so do we, but you’re not opposed to other prizes. I am shocked.

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