Launching Season 3!

The Rules

Though inspired by the PTL, the rules are not exactly the same.

Bytown Smugglers League Facebook Group

Match Guidelines & Etiquette

The Bytown Smugglers League is first and foremost a casual X-Wing league. The goal is for players to enjoy playing a game and flying what they want to fly.

With that in mind, players should clearly establish the tone for a match before lists are chosen. No one wants to run a new list for the first time against a well-practiced list or a top tiered net-list. It is up to players to prevent this. If possible, use the below scale before the game:

Match type Description
Competitive Current top tiered lists. Miranda\Nym, Ghost\Fenn, Quad or triple Wookiees. Basically, if you can quickly find it on Meta-Wing, it’s what this is!
Casual B lists: have good synergies, but not as efficient as Competitive lists. Could contain one top pilot with nontop META upgrades equipped. When in doubt, check Meta-Wing, if it’s a common loadout, it’s out!
Original Trilogy game  A list that follows the rules for an Original trilogy game, explained at the end of this document.
 Random list  Using random a list generator (explained at the end of this document)

The area between Competitive and Casual can be a little grey. The best we suggest is play the game through and flag to the league admins if you believe your opponent’s list was of a higher caliber than advertised. If you are not sure of the list you are bringing falls in which category, do not be afraid to message/ask someone else for an opinion.

  1. Ideally, both players should schedule and plan their match ahead of time. If you are playing on another night than an x-wing night, it is recommended you call the store ahead to ensure there is space for you to play.
  2. Players should not reveal their lists until they are ready to play and reveal them more or less simultaneously.
  3. There should be no alterations to prepared lists after they are revealed (exception in League Rules section 1.12a – below)
  4. “Cherrypicking” (purposefully seeking out weaker opponents) is against the rules, as well as poor sportsmanship. We in the BSL foster a challenging learning environment and encourage all players seek out difficult opponents and to challenge themselves to improve and evolve their game. We also have several new faces joining us this season, if a more seasoned player should meet them in game play, please be helpful in improving their game play (trigger reminders…etc…)


1.1 – The league season is 8 weeks. 7 games count in the rankings.

1.2 – Each player can only play another player once in the season for league points.

1.3 – A player can play more than 7 games, but only their first 7 count in the standings.

1.3a – Playing games beyond your 7 games to help others complete their 7 games that count will earn you a chance in a raffle to win a special prize.

1.4 – Ideally, another x-wing player should be present to call on for an impartial ruling. If there is an unresolved dispute concerning an issue and there was no impartial witness to decide it, then the match does not count for league points.

1.5 – A player cannot use the same list twice in a season. This means a player may only use a named pilot card *once* per season. In addition, a player only play the same generic pilot 3 times in the season. (see FAQ section for examples)

1.6 – League games must be played at a one of the sponsor store locations (FDB, Out of the Box, Wizard’s Tower, Kessel Run, Kobold’s Corner).

1.7 – Matches follow standard FFG X-Wing TMG tournament rules (with a few exceptions listed in these rules)

1.7a – Standard 100 points 6 obstacles format with a 1.15 hour time limit.

1.7b – EPIC 300 point 12 obstacles with 2 to 5 Epic points. Games have a  time limit of 2.5 hours. You MoV will be divided by 3 to scale with standard games in the standings.

1.8 – If you don’t turn up at a time and place pre-arranged with your opponent, without reasonable notice or reason for postponement, you forfeit all league points for the game and the game does not count towards your 7 season games. Your opponent has the option of a rematch.

1.9 – If during (past turn 1) or after a game is completed it is discovered that you played an illegal list, you forfeit all league points for that game and the game does not count towards your 7 season games. Your opponent has the option to keep the match result or a rematch.

1.10 – A minimum of 4 matches is required to earn participation prizes.

1.11 – The latest FAQ version applies to Seasonal play. As we expect a new FAQ soon. We will rule that it comes into effect 48 hours after it’s release.

1.12 – Players are not allowed to engage in ‘list switching’ after reveal which would result in you forfeiting all pts for the match.

1.12a – the exception to this rule would be if a league official or neutral party highlights an illegality in a list. The player will have a chance to correct their list, with as few changes as possible. If they do not correct their list, rule 1.9 applies.

1.13 – Proxying is allowed. This is after-all a mostly casual league. As there are some players that do not have all the ships\upgrades available, it is easier to allow for proxy pilots and cards (and templates). You must however have the proper dial, template and ship miniature (to avoid confusion). It is up to the player with the proxy to be clear before game start what is proxied. Who knows, if a player with a proxy card has good success, it might encourage them to purchase that expansion?


Reporting matches

2.1 – Exact lists and Match results must be reported by Monday afternoon to count for the week’s previous games.

2.2 – Please post exact lists and results on the League Facebook Group. Players are encouraged to include a short description of their match. This is generally, but not always, done by the winner.

2.3 – Enter the results of the match in the google form (


3.1 – Playing a league match earns you 2 points (everybody wins!)

3.2 – a win earns you 2 extra points

3.3 – a Tie earns each player 1 extra point (No Final Salvo – except during TOP 4)

3.3 – Each season a player may earn up to 2 bonus points in a season as described below (each “category” can only be used once per season and only 1 bonus can be awarded per match):

3.3a – Playing an Original Trilogy List earns you 1 point (See Original Trilogy list instructions at end of this document)

3.3b – Flying a list with 2 x HWK-290s (The League’s flagship) in it earns you 1 point. If you are an Imperial only player, you can cash this one in by flying 2 x Lambda Shuttles.

3.3c – Flying one of the Sad Six earns you 1 point:
Fel’s Wrath (Imps)
Major Rhymer (Imps)
Arvel Crynyd (Rebels)
Jek Prokins (Rebels)
Kad Solus (Scum)
Sarco Plank (Scum)

3.3d – Using one or more of these 7 upgrade cards earns you 1 point:
Princess Leia (Rebel crew)
Enhanced Scopes (System)
ARC Caster (canon)
Targeting Computer (Modification)
Saboteur (crew)
Moff Jerjerrod (Imp crew)
Jabba the Hutt (Scum crew)

3.3e – Flying an Random list game earns you 1 point (See random list instructions at end of this document)

3.4 – Points-killed is recorded and used to settle ties, number of wins is 2nd tie breaker. Head to head is 3rd tie breaker. If they did not play each other, then coin toss will determine ranking.

Top Cut

4.1 – TOP cut will have a single elimination tourney (ex:1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 then winner vs winner)

4.1a – TOP 4 cut if we have less than 16 players that complete 4+ games

4.1b – TOP 8 cut f we have 16 or more players that complete 4+ games

4.2 – The top cut games still count as games for that season, and players are still restricted to pilots and lists they did not fly during the regular season. Keep this in mind during regular season play.

4.3 – Prizes for the Top cut are drafted starting with the first placed player through the lowest ranked player.


Example of League Rule 1.5

“1.5 – A player cannot use the same list twice in a season. This means a player may only use a named pilot card *once* per season. In addition, a player only play the same generic pilot 3 times in the season. (see FAQ section for examples)”

In his 1st match Liam plays 4 Black Squadrons (with some loadout) & Howlrunner & Scourge. In his 2nd he plays 4 Black Squadrons (with some loadout) & Mauler Mithel & Dark Curse. In his 3rd he plays 6 Black Squadrons (with some loadout).

This is totally legal. He hasn’t played the same named pilot cards twice and only 3 games with Black squadrons. He would no longer be able to include Black Squadrons however in any lists going forward.

In his 1st game, Guillaume plays 2 x B-wing Blue Squadrons + Kanaan Jarus VCX100, in his 2nd game he plays 4 x B-wing Blue Squadrons, in his 3rd game he plays 1 x B-wing Blue Squadron with Ello Atsy T-70 and Lowhhrick Auzituck and in his 4th game he shows up with 2 x B-wing Blue Squadron, Ello Atsy T-70.

His 4th list is NOT legal for 2 reasons: He already played 3 games with Blue Squadron B-wings generics and he also already played one game with Ello Atsy T70.

Random match procedure

1. Go to

2. Fill the Quick Selection box with 3’s or enter your collection manually

3. Declare your faction before generating

4. Generate your list (Mode=Optimize, Play mode=Standard)

5. You may re-roll up to 2 times but you MUST take the most recently generated list (free re-roll if your list has a unique pilot you’ve already used this season)

6. Immediately regret your decision.

Both parties must agree to a Randomized match and the above generator *must* be used. You can generate lists in advance using an honour system, but it is recommended that both players have a witness when random generating their list.

Original Trilogy format

After mutually arranging to play an OT match players are required to bring a 100 point Rebel squad or a 100 point Imperial squad to be mutually decided or randomly assigned. One player must play Imperials and the other must play Rebels. Ships are limited to ships present in the original trilogy. NO SCUM.

Legal Rebel ships: YT-1300, T65 X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing
Legal Imperial ships: Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced, Tie Interceptor, Tie Bomber, Lambda Shuttle, Firespray-31

Ban list for Original Trilogy lists:

  • Twin Laser Turret
  • Cruise Missiles
  • Harpoon Missiles
  • Maul crew
  • Emperor Palpatine crew

Additional Restriction for Rebels for thematic reasoning: No list may contain more than one Unique YT-1300.

Other information

League fees

Following our poll. A majority of respondents showed interest in a nominal fee in order to have a better prize pool.

We will therefore have a $5.00 fee per player to play in the league. This fee is required in order to qualify for the prize pool (along with the minimum 4 games played).

The difficulty will be the logistics of payment to the league organizers. The best way for me (JM) to collect will be for me to meet you at the stores when you play a game. It is best to advertise on the facebook group when\where you play so that I can make my way out or coordinate my games to collect. I will keep a spreadsheet on the facebook group to track who has paid. 100% of these fees will go towards X-wing related prizes.


We will reach out to the stores to get them to contribute to the prize pool. Also all fee moneys collected will go towards the prize pool.

The objective is that every paying player gets something at the end of the season.

If you wish to contribute to the prize pool. Do not be shy to contact me.

League T-Shirts\Swag:

The conversation will surely come up at some point. If you have a contact to get shirts done at good price. Let us know and we can poll the interest in the community.

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