Season Wrap up – Looking forward to 2nd edition!

That last gathering of Bytown Smugglers for Season 3 has taken place and is completed! Today (June 23rd 2018), we had 8 participants in our Season 3 wrap up Fun Tournament. More on that after we review how our Top 4 went:

TOP 4 Report

Earlier this week, on Tuesday. Our top 4 players met at Kessel Run to play out the semi-finals and Finals.

In the 1st vs 4th – Nassim (Scum – Dengar\Thweek) took on James’s Rebels (Rey\Horton). After the dust settled, Nassim came out on top.

In the 2nd vs 3rd matchup – Victor (Scum 2 x Scouts & 2 Binayre Pirates) met Patrice (FSR variant – Low\Jess\Rex\Fenn). When the last laser hit its mark, Patrice stole his opponent’s name and became the Victor of this match-up.

The Grand Final pitted Patrice vs Nassim. Both players brought in the big guns and both flew Nym\Miranda, one of the token X-Wing 1.0 meta lists. In the end, Nassim proved his Miranda was the real Miranda and took the Top spot!

Congrats Nassim on going a stellar 8-0 over the duration of the Season and playoffs!
Thank-you to all those that participated this Season!


BSL End of Season Tourney

We had a good turn out (considering the NCR is short on active X-Wing Players) of 8 players show up ready to take on the world. Many of the usual faces, but also a newcomer to town joining us!

Player Faction
Victor Rebels
Peter Imperials
Stuart Rebels
Patrice Rebels
Michael Rebels
Tim (Michael) Scum
JM Scum
Nassim Imperials

A good showing of all factions. But not surprising, Rebels were more popular.
I lost the Cryodex rankings (this may or may not have been thanks to a 20 month old getting my tablet for a few minutes). So I am going off memory here. The MoV is also off on all players (this because it was an unconventional escalation tourney), but it’s the same for all and didn’t impact the rankings.

Player Points MoV Rank
Stuart 3 300 1
Victor 2 324 2
Michael 2 304 3
Nassim 2 284 4
Patrice 1 240 5
Peter 1 190 6
Tim (Michael) 1 110 7
JM 0 -48 (haha!) 8

Again, I got a negative MoV because I assume Cryodex didn’t factor in the not so standard points value for the games (75/105/140). I also played like garbage.

Congrats Stuart on your 1st place finish! Welcome to Ottawa!

We had a bunch of store credit that was spread among the Top 3 of the tourney. Everyone present got a small BSL loot bag and the choice of a few small prizes (most of them were AA upgrade\pilot cards).

Following the Tournament wrap up we acknowledged the TOP 4 of the BSL. They got to pick from the BSL prize pool in order of rankings. Nassim earned a (currently) limited edition BSL T-Shirt for winning top spot. Patrice got a (currently) limited edition BSL mousepad, like that he can flash his loyalty at his desk at work! Every BSL player got a small loot bag which had a couple of Bytown Smugglers coasters, sticker and a magnet, again so they can flash their loyalty to our local squad.

Players that completed 4 games during the season and paid into the pot, got to pick from the BSL prize pool. The 3 players that are eligible and were not present (Gianni, James and Reilly) I will be in touch with you for your loot bag and prize.

All players were X-Wing’d out for the day following the Escalation Tournament. So we opted to skip the Escalation Fur-ball this time and 4 of us went straight for a brew to cheers the completion of Season 3.

Next Season… on to 2nd edition!!

Keep your eyed peeled for a quick survey in August\early Sept on how Season 4 will work. Current target start time will be in mid\late Sept, once 2nd edition is kicked off.

Hope to see you all over the summer here and there.  I should be able to make it out to some of the Scum HotAC at Out of the Box Monday nights.

Thanks to all!

Dates to circle:
July 28th – Out of the Box Store Championship (by the sounds of it, the only store in town that will have one 🙁 )
Sept 21/22/23 – PTL Open in Toronto. Date is to be confirmed still.  This will be a 2nd edition event!


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