Author: Jean-Marc Cousineau

Season Wrap up – Looking forward to 2nd edition!

That last gathering of Bytown Smugglers for Season 3 has taken place and is completed! Today (June 23rd 2018), we had 8 participants in our Season 3 wrap up Fun Tournament. More on that after we review how our Top

Week 8 – The end of Season 3… on to new beginnings!

The end has arrived! 8 Weeks and 28 matches reported in. A smaller turn out this season, but still some of us are keeping things going despite many local players dropping from X-Wing for a variety of reasons. With 2nd

Week 5/6/7 : The end is near! Get those games in!

Sorry for the delay.  We’ve had a page admin change and the new admin (me) is still learning how this all works!  We’ll get through it! So with games from Week 5/6/7 (up until June 1st) fed in.  Here are