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Season Wrap up – Looking forward to 2nd edition!

That last gathering of Bytown Smugglers for Season 3 has taken place and is completed! Today (June 23rd 2018), we had 8 participants in our Season 3 wrap up Fun Tournament. More on that after we review how our Top

Week 8 – The end of Season 3… on to new beginnings!

The end has arrived! 8 Weeks and 28 matches reported in. A smaller turn out this season, but still some of us are keeping things going despite many local players dropping from X-Wing for a variety of reasons. With 2nd

Launching Season 3!

The Rules Though inspired by the PTL, the rules are not exactly the same. Bytown Smugglers League Facebook Group Match Guidelines & Etiquette The Bytown Smugglers League is first and foremost a casual X-Wing league. The goal is for players to

Survey Results Part 1 – A first glimpse at bar charts

We asked for your input to improve our X-wing events and 38 of you responded with not a care about the PLR Kylo Ren alt art you could win. Thank you for doing so! Kitchen table players We know from

Season 2 Tournament Format

The time you’ve been waiting for all year has arrived. Or, at the very least, information that will help you prepare for that very special time.┬áThe tournament that will mark the end of season 2, and possibly see Gianni’s crown

Season 2: League evolution!

The first season of the League saw 31 players take part in the fun, with Gianni ultimately taking it all! It went so well that we’re launching the second season now, with new twists. The Rules Though inspired by the

The Bytown Smugglers

The Ottawa/Gatineau X-Wing community has started right at the Game Release in 2012. The community grew with events like the Kessel Run, the very first regionals in 2013 and 2014, and Assault at Imdaar Alpha. The local community has since