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Gianni takes it all! And more loot!

Top 8 Dany Laberge (1) vs Nassim Ketita (8) Jason O’Gorman¬†(2) vs Gianni Rossi (7) Grant Wilson (3) vs Thomas Godfrey (6) Guillaume Leclerc (4) vs Michael Armstrong (5) In a stunning upset, all top seeded players were booted out

Season 1 Recap: Top ships over the season

The season is over and the playoff is underway. Now’s the time to reflect on how just how warped this meta we’ve created may have been. Top 10 ships overall You can actually see when people started running thugs with

Week 8: On to the playoffs!

The Tournament! Now that the season is over, our thoughts are turned to the end of season bacchanal! The format will likely be that the lucky top 8 players will get to create a list using only the 4 least

Week 7: The end is nigh!

Player rankings This week Sensing that the end is quickly approaching and wanting to get their 8 games in, 15 players took part in 12 matches this week. Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played 1 Jason 8 174 2

Week 6: Heroes of the resistance, a timid showing

Player rankings This week 10 players took part in 7 matches this week. Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played 1 Guillaume 8 142 2 2 Maurice 8 74 2 3 James Benning 6 126 2 4 Thomas 4 100 1 5

Week 5: A slower week

Player rankings This week 8 players took part in 4 matches this week. Dany and Grant played out their 8th and final match for this season! Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played 1 Dany 4 100 1 2 Michael 4 100 1 3

Week 4: Return of the TIEs!

Player rankings This week 16 players took part in 15 matches this week. Nassim played out his 8th and final match for this season, congratulations on being the first to finish! Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played 1 Nassim

Week 3: All ships have been flown!

Player rankings This week 9 matches were recorded, with 9 players taking part in those matches. Though I’m fairly certain there was a match played at FDB on Tuesday that was not reported. If and when it gets reported, the

Week 2: The Empire (kinda) strikes back

Player rankings This week 17 players took part in 16 matches this week. Here are this week’s rankings: Rank Player Points Pts killed Matches played 1 Grant 12 300 3 2 Dave 10 167 4 3 Dany 8 200 2

Week 1: Start pew-pewing!

The first week of the League is already over! Player rankings 13 players logged a total of 11 games this week, the current standing is: Player Points Points killed Matches played Michael 10 223 3 Guillaume 8 200 2 Martin 8 200