League objective

The Bytown Smugglers league is all about having fun and playing those lists and ships that you want to fly.

That being said, you can still bring out meta lists and your competitive play, so long as your opponent is on the same page.

Every player should do their best to play their 7 games in the 10 weeks time line. The league will line up several week night events at various locations to facilitate this.

2 seasons ago we had a small league fee. It went towards some BSL swag, stickers, coasters and a few t-shirts which we have exausted. Right now, the plan is to keep this season free. We have a good prize pool to pick from. So prizing isn’t an issue at this time. If you wish to contribute financially to the league, let me know and we can certainly order more stuff with BSL markings.

List Building Rules

There are only 2 rules with list building.

1. Once you have won a game with a named PILOT; you cannot field that same PILOT again this season. This restriction is NOT cross-faction. This restriction does NOT impact crew\gunner cards.

Example: You win a game flying a Rebel list that has Han Solo in the YT-1300. You are still allowed to fly Scum Han Solo in Lando’s Falcon later on.

Exmaple: You win a game flying a Scum list that has Boba Fett pilot in the Firespray. You are still allowed to fly a Scum list with Bobe Fett CREW all you want.

You want to fly Leia Crew all season? Go for it!

2. Avoid flying lists that have the same number of the same generics. Change up at least 1 ship in the list.

Example: You fly a list that has 6 Trade Federation Drone Vultures + Dooku. You should make every effort to avoid flying another list with 6 Trade Federation Drone Vultures, even if you change up Dooku. Upgrade one of the Vultures to another pilot at minimum.

This rule is not really enforceable and is purely to be followed by honour. There are also times where you have completely different lists with just 1 generic. Make an effort to bring a different generic. If you are short on points, ask your opponent if they want to add a few more points in the list building (see formats section).

The pilot restrictions will reset for the TOP 4 finals for the league.


The league accepts ALL formats of play. So long as the game at the end has a Winner, Loser or is declared a Tie. It’s all that matters. We encourage you to come up with alternate ways to play other than the 6/200. The same goes for time. The format and time of play needs to be confirmed and agreed upon before the game starts. Once Huge ships kits are available, you also encourage you to put those big ships on the table.

Be creative on your formats! Add obstacles, have multi-factions lists or have your opponent make your list for you!

TOP 4 format can be whatever the players playing want it to be. However, the default format is 200 points extended @ 75 minutes of play time if a different format is not agreed upon.


Scoring is simple.

A win gives you 3 points

A loss gives you 1 point

A tie gives both players 2 points

There are no bonus points this season. It was a little much to keep track of last season.

The first 7 games you play count for your standings. In order to get more games counted in the rankings, you can score up to 2 games vs the same opponent, but you must have at least 5 different opponents in those 7 first games.

Ex: Mike played Marc 2 times and JM 2 times. This is 4 games counted in the rankings, for his final 3 games, he cannot play the opponent twice, they must be 3 different players.

This format may happen to have some games that only count for 1 of the players.

Ex: Mike already played all his 7 games, of which 1 was vs JM. JM only played 4 games so far. They play each other and Mike wins. SInce Mike already has 7 games registered, the win does not count for him, however, the loss counts for JM as his 5th game registered.

Please NO COLLUSION!! It’s not fun for anyone.

Playing more games also gets you more entries in weekly prize draw!! Details in the prizing section.

Submitting Matches

Fill out the google form :

Please fill out the form ASAP after your match. Its a good idea to bookmark it on your cell phone so you can do it right away!


We have a nice pile of prizes to move! Lots of official alt arts, tokens and templates as well a piles of fan made alt arts from other squads! If you have something you want to contribute to the prize pool, let JM know!

Since we have so many prizes, we will be holding WEEKLY raffles to give some away. Each match you play in the week will give you one entry in the raffle pile. The week runs from Monday to Sunday and the raffles for the previous week will be done the Monday nights (Exception, week 1 will run from Friday night to the next Sunday). If your match is not in on time you don’t get entered in the next week’s raffle!! Put yours matches reported before Monday night!

I really want to get a league trophy going. I have a few ideas… I hope in my non-existant spare time to make it come to fruition.

I also want to get some squad alt art cards. If you have the time to design and run with orders and such… step up with your ideas!

If there is enough interest, we can order more t-shirts. This season we do not have any for the winner. But if we put in an order, I’ll make sure we get an extra one for that purpose.


We will hold events on week-nights here and there. When we do, we will bring a handful of prizes for everyone that comes out gets at least something. Also, the events will have a $5 cost which will go towards store credit. This to encourage the stores to keep hosting us. The store credit will be raffled off by those that came out to play.

Each even will be at a different location and will have a different format. Keep an eye out for the events on the facebook page!


Are encouraged! So long as it’s clear to both parties what is what and you can have the proper dials… proxy away, be creative! Want to fly with Lego X-Wings? Go for it, so long as we know it’s a T-65!

Tie Breakers

  1. Regular season head-to-head record
  2. Play a game to settle the tie (has to be done in the week following the end of season)
  3. Random draw done by a neutral party with witness

It is possible to have a 3 or more way tie as well. If it happens we’ll deal with it then. But odds are it’ll involve picking names randomly.